Why are we so ashamed of anxiety? It is not our fault; it does not mean that we are weak. If anything, admitting it is the first step and an incredibly brave one at that.” (http://www.telegraph.co.uk)

The stigma surrounding Mental Health keeps many individuals from seeking help. They don’t realize — depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues are extremely common!

This article from The Telegraph is a great piece which examines this stigma in further detail.

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Shine Bright – 5 Ways to Think Freely and Live from Inspiration

(This article originally published in Natures Pathways Southeast Wisconsin July 2014 – Author Jill E. Greinke)

“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”

—Virginia Woolf, “A Room of One’s Own”

Happy July, the month in which that the United States celebrates its independence. Independence Day, or the Fourth of July, resounds with the concept of freedom!

Wikipedia states: “During the American Revolution, the legal separation of the Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain actually occurred on July 2, 1776, when the Second Continental Congress voted to approve a resolution of independence that had been proposed in June by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia, declaring the United States independent from Great Britain. After voting for independence, Congress turned its attention to the Declaration of Independence, a statement explaining this decision, which had been prepared by a Committee of Five, with Thomas Jefferson as its principal author. Congress debated and revised the wording of the Declaration, finally approving it on July 4.”

What the American colonists believed in and fought for was not only progressive for its time but profound. Think for a moment what kind of open mindedness and determination must have resided in their hearts for those people to fight for their freedom. Motivation? Absolutely! Inspiration? Miraculous!

“Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around.”

—Henry David Thoreau

“TURN” is a new TV series that airs on American Movie Classics (AMC). The series “Follows New York farmer Abe Woodhull, who bands together with a group of childhood friends to form the Culper Ring, an unlikely group of spies who turn the tide in America’s fight for independence.” The series is based on actual American colonists who did whatever it took to take action and follow through with their convictions. They had the courage to think freely and then turn those thoughts into concrete actions.

“My mind tells me to give up, but my heart won’t let me.” 
—Lao Tzu

Throughout history, we have seen countless individuals create new opportunities for change that cost an astronomically high price: thousands of lives, lifetimes of practice and vast amounts of currency. Many progressive thinkers even risked their own lives to get results. This type of power requires accessing the magic of one’s heart. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to find one’s heart. It is blocked by layers and layers of habitual thinking by the mind.

Science says that everything in the universe is comprised of energy, including our thoughts and feelings. Energy vibrates at differing frequencies: high, low and everything in between. Quantum physics states that certain vibrations attract similar energy. So, if we learn to live from the wellspring of unconditional love found within our hearts, we will be able to manifest unstoppable changes in our lives.

“Shine bright like a diamond.”

—From the song “Diamonds,” by Rhianna

We know what diamonds are and what they represent. We also know that when attempting to purchase a diamond as a gemstone, we look for its clarity and brilliance. We want diamonds to sparkle — fracturing light into thousands of little points. The more points of light there are, the greater the jewel shines — like fireworks on the Fourth of July. In the same way, the more we find ways to access the light within our own hearts, the greater our opportunity will be to create positive, healthy changes for ourselves, our families, our friends and others. Those changes include the freedom to explore the unknown.

Here are five inspirational ways to connect to the freedom of an open heart:

  1. Find and maintain ways to feel messages found within your body and in particular your heart. Trust your intuition or gut feelings.
  2. Make sure your thoughts are pure — meaning you know where your thoughts are coming from. Notice if they are tainted by what others think, do or say. Pure thoughts are soul thoughts that resonate from within you.
  3. Get connected with your inner wisdom and guidance. This requires quieting your mind by learning and practicing a spiritual discipline.
  4. Learn ways to be open to new ideas. The authentic voice found within an open heart is your soul wanting you to stretch forward, expand and think freely.
  5. Find professionals trained to assist you in healing anything blocking you from gaining the spiritual freedom birthed only through an open heart. Even if it takes time, practice and money, you’re worth it. And if we would all take this advice, think about what we could do for our world — collectively!

This article originally published Natures Pathways Southeast Wisconsin July 2014 naturespathways.com/editions/southeast-wi-edition

– See more at: http://jillegreinke.com/blog/2015/01/shine-bright-5-ways-think-freely-live-inspiration/#sthash.McWucrYK.dpuf

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Live A Life Where All Things Are Possible!

Live a life where all things are possible!

By Jill E. Greinke, MSW, LCSW, SAC

You must unlearn what you have been programmed to believe since birth. That software no longer serves you if you want to live in a world where all things are possible. –Jacqueline E. Purcell

Someone once asked me what “holistic” psychotherapy meant, and he told me that the term “holistic” made him think about healthy eating as a way to take care of one’s body. That statement is true, but there is a lot more meaning behind the word “holistic.” This word is used today in many settings, which can be very confusing. But, its basic meaning centers on the development of healthy mind, body and spirit, the basic components of “holistic.” Holistic psychotherapy integrates all three but with an emphasis on spirit.

Obviously our bodies are important to us, for they hold our spirit: our essence, true being, authentic self or wise self. It has been said that we are divine beings having a human experience. So, we need our bodies to be healthy and strong to house our magnificent spirit! In order to really “get” mind, body and spirit, we can make an analogy to different components of a computer.

Our bodies house our hardware – our brain and software – which we call our mind. The software allows us to create daily thinking, feelings and beliefs. These are programmed into us during childhood development as expectations, rules, shoulds and cannots that guide our behavior throughout our lives. They can also be the programming through which societal norms and conformity begin to drive us; generating certain uncomfortable emotions and thoughts, and leading us to act in ways we may feel do not align with who we really are. These programs are conditioning or learned behaviors that steer us day by day.

Our ego (the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious, and thinks it is responsible for reality testing) incorporates all of our programmed conditioning. Though it will always be a part of us, it also thinks it is separate and responsible for keeping us “in line” and often rooted in fear-based thinking, thereby limiting our thinking, beliefs and life choices. Most often, our ego ends up holding us back, even keeping us feeling ‘trapped” in habitual and repetitive patterns of thinking and doing. It is the conditioning that began early in life that continues to drive how we live our lives in the present, HABITUALLY running on and on like old, outdated programming.

Since technology is upgraded daily, it is necessary for us to update our hardware and software on a regular basis to keep up. Both need to work together, but they also require an important and necessary component in which to run: the operating system. This connects and integrates all parts; without it, our computer would not be able to function. The operating system, our spirit, is the real force necessary to drive us. It is energetic current that supplies our hardware with the precise amount of energy to run meticulous software programs, aiding us in creating whatever we want to create and living out our lives consciously with the absence of any fear and previous conditioning. This energy moves quickly, does not stay stagnant and needs to flow freely from programming set from birth and throughout our lives.

Mind-body-spirit therefore incorporates the spirit as our own inner guidance for us to do whatever it takes to live authentically, innovatively and creatively. Psychology actually means the study of spirit. Holistic psychotherapy incorporates that as a key element in helping individuals to utilize specific techniques, aiding all to live as “whole” human beings with a greater sense of “Who am I and why am I here?” and as authentic beings  with knowledge that all things are possible!

(As published in Nature’s Pathways magazine)

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Most of us have felt sad at some time but for many this sadness becomes overwhelming.  Depression is a very real condition, not a sign of weakness, and it can be treated.  If you feel down, hopeless, lethargic, have trouble sleeping or sleep too much, have lost interest in things you enjoy you may be suffering from depression.  The therapists at Applied Therapies and Wellness know the signs and can work by your side to lift you out of the fog of depression.  For more information about depression click here for an informative article from the National Institute of Mental Health.

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Many people believe that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is only something military veterans have to face.  They do to be sure, but PTSD can affect anyone who has gone through a serious traumatic event such a threat of death, auto accident, sexual, physical or emotional abuse and more.  PTSD can have devastating affects and lead to other issues such as alcoholism or drug abuse.  If you or a loved are having difficulty overcoming a traumatic experience Applied Therapies & Wellness Center has therapists on staff who specialize in helping people overcome PTSD.  For more information on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder here’s a great article from the National Institute of Mental Health: PTSD Information

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What is Psychotherapy?

The strength to overcome the obstacles in your life is right there inside of you.  Psychotherapy is a process that helps you find that strength and use it to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.  Many people though, are not familiar with psychotherapy or might even have some false impressions.  Here’s a great introduction from the American Psychological Association: http://apa.org/helpcenter/understanding-psychotherapy.aspx

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